24 year old Bakare Babalola Rotimi Jnr has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for allegedly stabbing his 59 year old father

24 year old Bakare Babalola Rotimi Jnr has been captured by the Lagos state police order for purportedly wounding his 59 year old father, Bakare Babalola Rotimi, to death at their home in Magodo, Lagos state on Sunday December fourth.

As per Sahara Reporters, Rotimi's folks requested him back to Nigeria from Ireland after it was found that he was a medication fiend subsequent to living in Dublin since when he was seven years oldHe was required to go to class however he wound up getting himself required in medications.

"This kid doesn't have an instruction. He has been living in Dublin as a child and he declined to go school, rather he got dependent on drugs,"a family source said

The source included that the day of the assault, the blamed was passing the night at his folks home when he addressed his dad in the can and requested him to lie level on the floor. He then drew out a blade he holed up behind him and wounded his dad on the back.

His mom, in the wake of listening to her significant other yelling for help, rushed to the latrine just for her to likewise get wounded. The father kicked the bucket on the spot while the mother was revived by therapeutic officers at the crisis cove on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

"He thought he had executed them two. Subsequent to cutting them, he hauled out a material to cover them, and he went to the washroom to tidy up. He got dressed, took his dad's telephones, his ATM cards and went straight to the father's fuel station at Palm Avenue. He arrived and began annoying the station chief, requesting for cash." the source said

The police was welcomed and the suspect was captured. He has been exchanged to the Homicide Section at the Lagos State CID in Panti for further cross examination.

"Much the same as his other sibling (who is) contemplating Medicine in the US, he has been asking this kid to go to class and this has dependably been the reason for the misunderstanding."the source included


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