Monday, 2 January 2017

How to configure airtel Nigeria Psiphon for free browsing

While South Africans are presently getting a charge out of

CellC free Internet perusing through XP Psiphon , Nigerians now have another contrasting option to Glo 0.00kb change and Etisalat 0.00kb change which has been slanting for quite a while now.

Be that as it may, in other to peruse boundlessly with your airtel SIM, you have to download any of the vpn applications, for example, Psiphon108handlerUI, Xp Psiphon, ProNET, Psiphon A+ Pro, QueenCee Vpn and Siphon Shield. . I guidance you to embrace the default APN settings of airtel. Having said that, might we go straight to the point? Goodness yea!


✔ It associates quick

✔ No perusing speed throttling

✔ You can download vast documents with it. Up to 0.99GB

✔ It is adaptable; can be utilized with a wide range of VPN applications

✔ Helps you change your IP address arbitrarily

✔ Can help you seem unknown on the web

✔ It controls all applications including online networking applications


Download Psiphon Here ( via seeking above )

✔ Tick Remove Port

✔ Proxy Type: No intermediary

✔ Proxy Server:

✔ Real Proxy Type: Default

✔ Real Proxy Server: Leave Empty

✔ Real Proxy Port: 80

After that, tap on Save and select United State as your area lastly go to More Options with this beneath setup set up.

Tick associate through a HTTP intermediary

At that point tick utilize the accompanying settings and apply beneath factors fittingly.

Have address :

Port : 8080

At long last, do a reversal to VPN home and tap on Start . In few moments it will interface, then begin perusing for nothing.


The real reason for consistent "detachment" is absence of stable 3GB or 4G organize in a few areas so an ensure your system is great. Another reason for the consistent detachment is the wrong default IP at the landing page of some VPN applications particularly the

Psiphon 108

To settle this, simply evacuate the IP ADDRESS on the home of the psiphon which is the REAL PROXY

SERVER and set it as takes after. As demonstrated as follows;


Intermediary TYPE: No intermediary

Intermediary SERVER:

Genuine PROXY TYPE: No intermediary

Genuine PROXY PORT: 80

Upbeat perusing.

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