President buhari, It's Sad Nigerians Celebrate At The mention Of Your Death

In the most recent three days, more than 10 individuals have called me to affirm if really our President has passed on in the UK. They said they've been perusing provides details regarding the Internet that Buhari is dead, so they needed to affirm it's legitimacy. Obviously I disclosed to them that am 100% sure he's robust and generous. I have likewise been perusing all kind of posts and messages on facebook, twitter and whatsapp about the news of the passing of Mr President and I was stunned to see individuals as of now celebrating and jubilating. Some even went similar to making images and posting obituaries...... furthermore, my heart was broken all as the night progressed. As I laid on my bed, two inquiries continued ringing on my head and that is; Why might individuals wish or be glad that their President is dead? I know things are terrible in the nation, the craving and neediness is disturbing and broad BUT is it so awful that the main thing is to wish the President dead? I recall that the last time Nigerians commended the passing of their pioneer was when Gen. Sani Abacha kicked the bucket. I was in Warri then and I saw individuals toasting trance and tossing parties. It was as though an overwhelming weight had been lifted off their heads I am sure the President will have returned to the nation at the latest sixth February. My encourage to him is to take a day (and request to be allowed to sit unbothered) to do a self evaluation of his stewardship to the Nigerian individuals from May 29, 2015 till date. I will like the President to put forth the accompanying inquiries:

 1. Have I been reasonable for the Nigerian individuals?

2. Have I conveyed no less than 40% on my crusade guarantees?

 3. Have my activities or inactions additionally isolated this nation along religious and ethnic line?

4. Have my Ministers been satisfying not recently my desires but rather greater part of Nigerians? Is it accurate to say that they are notwithstanding executing of course?

 5. In the event that I happen not to look for reelection in 2019, what will I be associated with when I leave office?

 6. Inside these two years of my organization, have I exited this nation superior to anything the way I met it? On the off chance that every one of these inquiries can be addressed earnestly and essential moves made, I can wager that the following two years will be preferable and more noteworthy over what we are right now encountering.


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