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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lagos pastor was arrested for scam his church member over 22 million naira

Official of SCIID Panti Yaba have captured a property designer and a minister for purportedly utilizing a congregation building, situated at Coker-Aguda territory of the Lagos city to dupe more than 80 home-searchers of N22 million

The designer is recognized basically as Mr Tajudeen while the minister is Don. The lofts causing disturbance are situated over a congregation. The congregation has been fixed by the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.

The service said the condos were fixed over disappointment of the proprietor to conform to building directions and needed confirmation of government endorsement to develop the flats.

Inconvenience began when home-searchers, who paid for the flats, discovered that the property designer, Tajudeen, had swindled them. They couldn't pick up section into the flats

One of the casualties, Mr. Tunde Yahaya, stated: "I'm the facilitator of the Coker-Orile House Scam Victims. Now and again a month ago, I saw an advert on a house at Coker-Aguda. I called the portable number and an operator instructed me to meet him at the property.

When we got to the house, I discovered that the flats, eight in number, were situated on the highest point of a congregation building. The condos were practically at fruition arrange. The operator took me to the designer, Tajudeen; he disclosed to me that the scaled down level was N220,000 per annum.

I paid N110,000 into his Diamond Bank account and took the teller to him. He gave me a receipt and guaranteed me that the house would be prepared inside seven days. Before I paid him, I had gone to explore from the congregation on the off chance that he was real engineer.

 I met Pastor Don; he guaranteed me that Tajudeen was accountable for the flats for the congregation.

I asked from the congregation on two events, and got a similar positive reaction; that was the reason I proceeded to pay. Be that as it may, to my most prominent stun, I went to the house on the day he instructed me to desire my keys and met other individuals battling about similar lofts.

"We were more than 80 that wanted the condos; a few people enlisted 'region young men's to enable them to secure the rooms. The circumstance ended up noticeably turbulent and genuine battling broke out. A few people got harmed; others rushed to report at the closest police headquarters. We additionally challenged, encouraging government to go to our guide. We were swindled over N22 million. At the point when the inconvenience began, the designer was mysteriously gone. He even turned off his telephone; however police at last captured and took him to the SCIID, Panti."

Another casualty, Chinedu, stated: "I paid N240,000 for an independent room at Aguda. The designer revealed to me that the lease was N280,000, yet I paid N240,000. I felt that since the congregation possesses the property, there would be no trick. Yet, to my stun, minister of the congregation, who took me to the engineer, denied being associated with the trick.

I went to the house to collect, however met many individuals battling about the flats. That was the point at which I knew I had been tricked."

A human rights legal counselor and Chief Executive Officer of International Center for Non-Violence and Safety, Ene Sarah Unobe, said the casualties paid for condos, yet later found different occupants as of now possessing them.

She stated: "The property designer manufactured eight small scale pads or what is called independent lofts over the congregation building. They gathered cash from more than 80 house-searchers for eight rooms, while the building was still under development.

"Be that as it may, inconvenience began when the occupants got to the house on the day they were advised to collect and met other individuals as of now involving them.

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