Hushpuppi says the only artist in nigeria using the same watch as him is davido wizkid con

Mompha and hushpuppi

Hushpuppi tweet angryly
This really get hushpuppi  hangry when him heard that mompha called his dad a cab driver, lol 
Him went cool fews days back and blast his twitter handle angryly, refering to mompha and phino , written that " the ony artist in nigeria who use the same type of watch i use is davido lol wizkid con, and yet some people blasferming say my dad is a taxi driver" 


          Mompha refering to hushpuppi

The other time u had issue with davido and you couldnt backpedal to malaysia, Same mompha was the person who counsel u to come to dubai to begin another life and needed to make dubai occupant visa which the organization charged u for $5k yet u couldnt bear the cost of it cos u broke and I needed to implore them to take $4k which u paid for just about 2months and bal was staying 150 usd which u couldnt pay back.. You came to dubai with $1800 which was insufficient for the visa costs I needed to obtain u $5k usd which till today u havent pay me.
You remained in my home for very nearly 3months awkward my family still u convey ladies to my home which my significant other gripes everytime except I dont wanna hurt u by tellin u cos I knw u broke and u couldnt bear the cost of house lease…
Still u wanna wound me at the back by utilizing my own record for fake act and sending me to imprison.. Individuals via web-based networking media dont knw u the most opportunist in this world.. living phony life by posting individuals stuffs and receipts via web-based networking media just to pick up preferences and remarks and notoriety, Try go enable ur to cab driver father and ur bread vender mother and quit living phony life via web-based networking media no house no auto no speculation asking for cash from individuals and obtaining cash, Nigga even acquired cash from my wifey at times request 20 to 30dirhams for taxi just to go to dubai shopping center and post he is shopping.


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