Tuesday, 13 February 2018

22 secondary school student die in bus incident, in kano state

32 secondry school students  died on Tuesday in a street mischance in Gaya nearby government territory of Kano state, police have said.

The Kano summon of the Nigeria police affirmed the mischance, saying its agents were at the scene endeavoring to "quiet the circumstance"
The mischance, which happened at around 11.00 a.m, included a truck and a transport passing on the understudies from Misau neighborhood government, Bauchi.

The understudies were going on a trip at a radio station.
A witness, Tella Maiunguwa, said the transport slammed into the truck as both were endeavoring to maintain a strategic distance from a pothole at Samia Uku town.

Mr. Maiunguwa said the mischance happened near Maitama Sule College by Dudduru.

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