Mother of Boko Haram cry over the abduction of 110 Dapchi schoolgirls

With a strong conviction that the Abu Musab Al-Barnawi-drove group of Boko Haram may be in charge of the kidnapping of Dapchi School Girls, a regarded North-East human rights dissident, famously called Mama Boko Haram, Barrister Aisha Alkali Wakil has engaged the abductors to discharge the youthful female prisoners.

Aisha Wakil, a previous individual from the Committee on Dialog and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the northern district of Nigeria under the organization of previous president Goodluck Jonathan, had, in past endeavors, brought military officers and Boko Haram Commanders together amid arrangements. She was likewise credited to the arrival of some abductees from the Boko Haram organization through telephone calls to the administration, including some Chibok young ladies.

Addressing PRNigeria in Maiduguri, Aisha who is said to be profoundly regarded by a few pioneers of Boko Haram said she was prepared to forfeit her life to protect the young ladies from abductors. The dissident was accounted for to have helped in circumcision of a few children more than two decades prior who later moved toward becoming Boko Haram individuals. Her association with the faction individuals earned her the name 'Mother Boko Haram.'
Exasperates about the most recent snatching of 110 understudies of Government Girls Technical College Dapchi, Aisha has reestablished her sense of duty regarding battle to end the Boko Haram insurrection. The extremist who cried significantly, said

This thing that is occurring, is truly making me extremely upset. These kids don't comprehend what they are doing. Some of them were not by any means conceived at the time this thing began. "Wallahi I will follow them, regardless of whether it will end my life to spare these young ladies. They call me Mummy, yet they don't hear me out. I continue conversing with them beseeching them to set out their arms and grasp peace however they will state 'Insha-Allah mummy we will stop.' Sometimes they will state they are frightened they will be killed yet I will reveal to them no one will kill you.

"Speaking to the pioneer of the Boko Haram Sect, Aisha stated"

I heard you are presently been called 'Abu Mussad Albarnawi' yet I know you as Habib and I am imploring you to stop the murdering and snatching. I have sent numerous messages to you. I don't know whether you are getting these messages or you simply keep on hurting your mom and make her cry. Dear Habib, Nuru and others, I was let you know might be the ones in charge of the abducted of these young ladies. Any place you might be on the off chance that you are tuning in to me, I implore you for the sake of Allah to discharge the young ladies back to their families. What sort of kids will keep letting their mom to keep crying. Dear Habib, I ask Allah touches your heart and that of your partners to stop what you are doing. If you don't mind turn out. I will never deny you regardless of whether the entire world did. The individuals who know you know your heart. They know you are never again keen on the battle any longer. I will hold every one of you and wrap you with my wrapper and bring you out and nobody will shoot you. In the event that they will shoot you, they should shoot me first. I wouldn't fret relinquishing my life on the off chance that you will stop what you are doing. In the event that I kick the bucket ceasing Boko Haram, I know I will go to paradise.


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