Download Jungle Lion Sniper Game

wild and angry Lion chasing reenactment diversion

3D City expert rifleman lion assault is here with outrageous fun and bold shooting around the woods and city. Get your expert rifleman rifles and chase down the dangerous and ridiculous wildernesses and city. Run and slaughter the angry lion, the lord of wilderness for your survival. Shoot the wild lion before it assaults you. Tune in to the thunders of the lion in safari wildernesses and complete the unsafe monster. Among all natural life creatures like tiger, fox, Cheetah, bear, goat and so on lion is the lord of wilderness. Presently it's an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your master chasing aptitudes and spare the general population in the city from the got away dangerous predator. Attempt the best lion and tiger battling diversion now!

Slaughter and advance toward the alliance of the legends, the incredible shooters. Irate lions got away from the zoo and now it's a chasing challenge for you to spare the city for the executioner creatures. Shoot them before the chase down the honest regular people. You should as of now have played numerous wild predator chasing diversions like wolf, crocodile, deer and numerous others. This amusement is extraordinary retribution shooting diversion. Chase these goliath carnivores in a restricted time then you will be elevated to next testing missions. To win this opposition you have to demonstrate extreme sharp shooting abilities. In this diversion you will demonstrate your astonishing abilities to murder the rhino and antiquated crocodiles moreover.


             (Click here to download)

Diversion Features:

▶Best 3D City expert rifleman lion assault shooting round of 2016

▶ FPS shooting and creature chasing amusement

▶ Missions and targets to finish in time

▶ HD and 3D designs everywhere throughout the amusement

▶ Crocodile and rhino are likewise on the run shoot them

▶ Hunt all the got away creatures previously media knows

3D City expert marksman lion assault is the best free wild creatures chasing round of 2016. Lock your belts in for the outrageous spine chiller.


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