How to Travil from Nigeria to Ghana

Considering traveling to Ghana? We've accumulated data for what you should expect and things you would requirement for the excursion.

    You  Needed this documents

Travel from Nigeria to Ghana using any and all means, you require a substantial worldwide/ECOWAS identification and a yellow card. It is extremely fitting to get your yellow card before going as it is critical and can be a methods by which authorities coerce you. You can get the yellow card for about N1000 at the Port Health office near the universal airplane terminal. It is additionally prudent to have your another methods for ID like a drivers permit or an understudy/work ID, and your convenience subtle elements. 

Picking your methods for transport


Hopefully, by this time, you have already created your budget for the trip. After knowing the amounts you have to spend, best bet is to have your naira in raw cash and prepare to change it for Ghanaian cedis at the Aflao border, which is the border between Togo and Ghana. Travelling with US dollars is a good idea too because even if you don't change it at the border, you can find any Bureau de Change in town and change it for cedis because dollars is widely accepted. Some hotels also accept USD but you can hardly find one that accepts Naira. It is also important to keep up with the exchange rates so you won't get cheated. Naira fluctuates crazily too. It might be scary hanging on to such huge amounts of cash but this is your best bet unless you have a dollar Mastercard , because your naira cards will not work in Ghana.

Crossing borders

In case you're passing by street, there are three fringes you need to cross. The Lagos-Cotonou fringe, the Cotonou-Togo outskirt and the Togo-Ghana outskirt. Intersection the outskirts mean a great deal of pressure, transaction and "settlement", particularly on the off chance that you are a first time traveler or you have a "virgin" identification. Most occasions, on the off chance that you are utilizing a vehicle organization, they will deal with the intersection coordinations for you. In any case, on the off chance that you plan on intersection the verge individually, prepare yourself for a ton of paying-offs you would need to do at all the stops.

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