Nana Frema no longer get movie roles after doing plastic surgery

Ghanaian artist Nana Frema, who went under the blade subsequent to being body-disgraced via web-based networking media has shouted out over not getting motion picture jobs
Nana Frema said she experienced the liposuction medical procedure to wind up agreeable in her body and to develop her profession yet that appear not to be approaching.

"You know when I got down to business on my body, it was a result of the verbally abusing, which at a point got me discouraged and I figured going for medical procedure would work. It did on the grounds that I'm currently OK with who I am, I can wear what I need and all that yet with my vocation particularly, it has not helped, I am not fulfilled.
"I feel it is on the grounds that I turned out to state that for sure I had dealt with my body. The film jobs are not coming, the singing gigs are not coming and I once in a while feel I shouldn't have turned out, I think it has truly neutralized me.

"I figured things would be alright for me yet I surmise I wasn't right, I am not completely fulfilled. I required that self-assurance to demonstrate the world what I am made of as far as ability on the grounds that before at that point, I was told, on the off chance that I were thin, or didn't have a major stomach, it would have been simple yet it is all false," she told Graphic Showbiz in an ongoing meeting.

She further uncovered that her adoration life has additionally been influenced by the plastic medical procedure as her beau is embarrassed to take her out, on the grounds that his companions continue insulting him with her body being phony.

"I don't accuse them however in light of the fact that Ghana isn't yet there. We have not gotten to that point where we will acknowledge things like this.

Strangely, men like women with huge butts, some even pay for their sweethearts to proceed to do it, even ministers pay for their spouses yet I surmise they don't care for that when it's in the open like mine," she said.

When inquired as to whether she had any second thoughts going under the blade, she said no, "I wouldn't state I think twice about it since it expanded my confidence and gave me the certainty that I needed yet it is only the opposite side that I need."


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