How much price it take to list your coin in exchanging

Let’s use this as a discussion for exchange education. I would not want any project blindly listing in hopes they get users from exchanges and there are none. is in the top 30 exchanges...not sure I’m following you.

Hotbot is around 26... listing takes time as some charge more the 10btc.

Navigating fake exchange users and volume is a real headache. Exchanges are struggling all over to get users! Along with many having to block parts of the world from trading.

This is info was received around October 2018... estimated.

Making this aware so people understand what it cost projects.

Listing Price
Binance - 50 BTC
Poloniex - 30/50 BTC
KuCoin - 30 BTC
HitBTC - 10/15 BTC
Cryptopia - 15 BTC
CoinExchange - 2/4 BTC
LiveCoin - 4 BTC
btc-alpha - 3 BTC
Meratox - 2 BTC
Crypto.bridge - 1 BTC
YoBit - 0.1/0.5 BTC
Stex - 0.08 BTC — now around 1BTC
Crex24 -  0.3 BTC

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