Bitmain Launches 3 New Bitcoin Miner Purchase Options To Help Attract New Mining Farms

Bitmain’s CEO, Jihan Wu, is looking to launch three different strategies called Option Hedging, Installment Payment and Joint Mining, so that buyers have a lower threshold.

The Bitmain’s installment payment strategy allows a 50% down payment, as long as over 100 machines are being bought by the customer.

In the eventuality in which the number of purchased machines is over 5,000, the down payment is only 20%, with the rest of the money having to be paid 7 days prior to delivery.
The Threshold for Distributors Reduced

This type of installment payment would reduce the distributors’ threshold and allow them to get more stock in.

It would also reduce the pressure of cash flow, seeing as the Antminers are usually all-cash futures offers with the delivery time delayed to 1 or 2 months from when the order has been made, which puts a lot of capital pressure on the buyers.

The move is also regarded as a Bitmain’s concession to speed up the capturing of its market share.

Bitmain’s Move Also Teaches Miners How to Hedge Risks

The option product is in fact a double shot, because it doesn’t only reduce threshold for customers to get mining machines, it also teaches miners how to work with financial tools in order to hedge risks.

More than this, Bitmain is also preparing to launch a “one-year joint mining mode”, providing S17 Series machines and paying for the yearly electricity bill. Partners should only provide the personnel, the infrastructure and the mining farm.

Bitmain to take 75% of the Income Obtained During the Cooperation

Settled monthly, the income obtained from the cooperation period will be distributed 75% for Bitmain and 25% for partners. In case the revenue doesn’t cover the electricity charge, the distribution will no longer be made.

Bitmain is trying to save self-built mining farms from spending and distributes the machines for production. No matter if working with the option hedging, installment payment or joint mining strategy, their main goal is to lower the threshold for users and to bind users in the long run.


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