How to open Payoneer Account in Nigeria

Payoneer is a global payment servicwhich allows you to send and receive money from overseas without issues. But that’s not the really and main reason why Payoneer is high in demand here.

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Payoneer gives you two major bank accounts as soon as your registration is activated with them. get UK bank and USA bankfrom them in common. There are other banks which might be available but we only focus on those two since they are the once we need in common.

with Payoneer you easily get USA or UK bank account without you been a citizen. And with this bank you can send and receive money worldwide without issues. let me further explain.

Most of the online businesses today requires Payoneer to pay you e.g Google AdSense since they are international companies. What they will request is your USA or UK bank if you’re using USA or UK AdSense or if you’re working with other companies that pays with Payoneer

Since Payoneer render the required banks, all you need to do is give them yourand you will get your payment directly to your Payoneer account. Now after getting your payment, Payoneer allow you to withdraw the cash directly to your local bank with little transaction Boom you can now feel comfortable in getting payments from international companies which accept Payoneer as their payment methods.

Another crucial reason why Payoneer is hot in demand in Nigeria is the fact that you can use them With the aid of Payoneer, you can create USA PayPal account, Connect your Payoneer and get your funds transferred to your Payoneer with ease. With this you need no war with any PayPal exchanger

you should be searching for a good guide how open payoneer account in nigeri and that’s what am here to share with you so feel relax and see the steps below.

how open payoneer account in nigeria There are just few easy steps to sign up Payoneer account in Nigeria Follow The Payoneer Registration Url. Fill in your name, address etc as it is in the ID card you want to use for verification.Set password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type. Provide the details of the ID as required.Provide your bank account details if required. You can google the SWIFT/BIC for your bank. GTBank SWIFT/BIC is GTBINGLA.

Step1:Visit">Payoneer official website and click on the signup button

Fill in your real names, Working email address and date of birth and click on the next button.Step2:Select your country, Your home address, your zip code and your phone number use a real mobile number please in case of verification after that click on the next Button

Step3: fill in Your security details correctly just in case any issue arises you can solve them without loosing your Payoneer account. after that select the next button. Fill in your Nigeria bank details

wait for them to review your account and you will get a message from them.


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