Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Flying Bird Allegedly Turns Into A Human Being In Port Harcourt

pandemonium   on Thursday as a fledgling changed into a person in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State. The occurrence which occurred around 8:00am at Agip Ada-George intersection pulled in immense group from all aspects of the city.

It was learnt that the feathered creature transformed into a woman after it was shocked by a high strain wire.

As per an observer who shared the story on facebook, the fledgling was over a high strain post by the intersection when abruptly power organization reestablished control.

Toward the beginning of today along Agip, Port-Harcourt a fledgling that was flying got shocked and fell. A little panicked kid remaining behind the signpost raced to pick the feathered creature and quickly it swung to this pitiable frightening looking dead lady.

He expressed that different winged animals that traveled to the point numbered more than ten and that when in the long run the unfortunate one fell that the others got escaped.

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