good news mmm Participants Against January 14th 2017

Software engineers are working genuinely with the new model and it will be declared later and actualized. This new model will help us keep the framework adjust. To keep the GH and PH adjusted. Regardless of whether individuals go along with us or not.. also, it will be reasonable.

When it will be executed we will be advised. We can PH and we ought to keep our downlines upgraded.

About the development of Bonuses…

we need to see towards it… half of guiders supporters said it ought to continue developing. Guiders getting out of hand will be managed. What's more, the best way to get them is by getting proof.

Unfreezing of Mavro will be most likely fourteenth of January or may be sooner.

About confirmation of installment…

We will utilize another methodology for fake confirmation of installments:

We will begin checking orders when it turns yellow that is…

Change of guiders catch will be done for this present week or at any point in the near future. Telephone number check would be executed soon… by means of sms notice.

Guiders school: Soon we will begin Automized guiders school and make it efficient.

False news around:

We ought to show to others that our group is working and not give notice or ear to what individuals says in regards to the framework… . It exclusively relies on upon us the pioneers.

Obviously medias would need to present subjects to produce movement.

We can likewise converse with individuals to PH and let them realize that their mavro will continue developing.


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