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How to Get Data Offer On Airtel N500 For 2.2GB, N1000 for 4.5GB

Buy a New Airtel sim card Or use a simcard that is under 3 months old. Send GET to 141 as instant message At that point send MIFI to 141 a short time later They will send you a message like the one beneath; Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can appreciate 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS Presently, Load either 500 naira ordinarily and dial 141500# (14 days) 750mb x3 = 2.2 gigabytes + other littler rewards Or then again 1000 naira and dial 1411000# (30 days) 1.5gb x3 = 4.5 gigabytes + other littler rewards. Or then again 2000 naira and dial 1412000# (30 days) = 3.5gb x3 = 10.5 gigabytes + other littler rewards.

How To Activate Free 10GB Data Bonus On Your MTN Sim

here is the most recent offer from MTN which I figure I should impart to you folks for you to appreciate and download as you like. Did you realize You would now be able to get free 10GB information reward from MTN. The most effective method to Get Free 10GB Data Bonus On Mtn As per the message MTN sent to me as should be obvious Get DOUBLE information whenever you purchase 5GB for N3,500 for the following 37days. Dial *131*107# to get 10GB reward. Information is legitimate for 30 days. To see reward dial *559*4# Things being what they are, what are you sitting tight for?? Energize now and buy in to Mtn 5GB with just #3,500 and you're great to get free 10GB information which will legitimate for 30days one month. In the wake of buying in to the 5GB for N3,500 benevolent dail *131*107# to get your free 10GB reward. To check your information balance, dail *559*4#

How to Travil from Nigeria to Ghana

Considering traveling to Ghana? We've accumulated data for what you should expect and things you would requirement for the excursion.     You  Needed this documents Travel from Nigeria to Ghana using any and all means, you require a substantial worldwide/ECOWAS identification and a yellow card. It is extremely fitting to get your yellow card before going as it is critical and can be a methods by which authorities coerce you. You can get the yellow card for about N1000 at the Port Health office near the universal airplane terminal. It is additionally prudent to have your another methods for ID like a drivers permit or an understudy/work ID, and your convenience subtle elements.  Picking your methods for transport YOUR BUDGET  Hopefully, by this time, you have already created your budget for the trip. After knowing the amounts you have to spend, best bet is to have your naira in raw cash and prepare to change it for G

Guaranteed you can earn #80000 per month or a week

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