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If you can practice this habit you could be a millionaire

 you could be on track to become a millionaire. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but if these routines, habits and personality traits describe you, you’re doing something right. Here are 11 signs you could be on your way to striking it rich. 1. You have multiple streams of income As author Thomas C. Corley found in his five-year study of self-made millionaires, the rich “do not rely on one singular source of income,” he writes in “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.” “Sixty-five percent had at least three streams of income that they created prior to making their first million dollars,” Corley says, such as real-estate rentals, a side hustle or a part-time job. 2. You save to invest “Investing money is how you will get super rich,” says self-made millionaire Grant Cardone. “The only reason to save money is to one day invest money.” In fact, how much you save and invest is oftentimes more important than than the size of your paycheck. As personal finance expe

Online jobs that can make you millionaire in Nigeria

Living on your paycheck in this country is similar to driving a car without breaks; when the going gets somehow, just expect to crash. Forget what you’ve heard all the time about working hard; your main source of wealth would only be when you’ve diversified your income. The question now is “How then can you diversify your income?” Diversifying your income is similar to creating a side hustle. Just anything that will put more money into your pocket is a welcome idea. Before we proceed, I will say “Do you know that if you make an extra $10 daily, you will have an extra $310 at the end of the month. This means that when converted into Naira, you will be 111,600 Naira richer. Who wouldn’t appreciate such an amount of money? Let me show you how to achieve this process. How to create an extra source of income Choose a profitable skill I was speaking to a group of salesmen at Abuja who were selling insurance; I asked them how they make money aside from selling insurance. T

the richest woman in the UK

Coates, who founded the gambling group Bet365 and is worth an estimated $6.5bn, is the only British woman to make Forbes’s richest people in the world list who isn’t ranked alongside a spouse or other family members. Arcadia Group owners Christina and Philip Green are 617th richest in the world, while real estate moguls Maritsa Lazari and her family sit at number 916. The female boss, who ranks at 244 on Forbes’s list, is the founder and co-chief executive of the online gambling firm Bet365. The 51-year-old and her brother John – the UK’s 19th richest person – own the company alongside other members of their direct family, including their father, Bet365 chairman Peter Coates. Bet365 is the largest private sector employer in Stoke. Millions of customers worldwide use the website to take part in sports betting, poker, casino games and bingo. Online gambling has been on the rise for years – last year Bet365 saw its revenues increase by 25%. Coates sparked outra

Secret of online making money in Nigeria

 only two secrets to making money online steadily. One is steady learning, two is hard work or taking actions. With just this two secrets applied correctly, you’d be making 6 figures online monthly. Going in details, I have bared dowabout 50 solid ways to make money online in Nigeria. I gave this tutorial with prove and screenshots, putting away all types of ambiguity that newbies faces when they’re trying to make money online legitimately. aTop the list is blogging, Freelancing, affiliate marketing, CPA and ads publishing. These five alone can make you stand on your own without indulging in sharp practices. Blogging on it’s own can be started free with Blogger and maybe a cheap domain from Namesilo. Even shared hosting plans can be used for professional blog setups. Freelancing can be started on Fiverr, UpWork, SEOClerks and/or freelancer(.)com. Talking about Fiverr: It is a platform that lets you sale your skills to willing buyers. The first step to succeed wit

Making $3000 online per month is possible with blog/website

How To Make Money From Google There are so many ways to make money online from Google, depending on your niche. We will be seeing a few of these plenty ways such as: - Blogging: We have always talked about blogging, and will ever be. This is because of the dozens of opportunities and ways blogging has created for me. You can be turning in as much as $3,500 monthly as a blogger and yet have other jobs. Now to make money as a blogger, you need to be a SEO guru,except you have a lot of money to invest in ads. One of the advantages of the search engine traffic is that if is unlimited. With social media, you are reaching out to the same circle of followers and they would rarely purchase your products or services twice but it's not the same case with search engine traffic. With the later, as long as you are still tanking for the keyword, plenty other search engine users will keep on discovering your sites and becoming your fans. As they see your products and services,

Good website to build your back links just for only $0.15

It's very essential, but not so easy. To achieve it in a little time span, you need to invest and invest and invest. However, you shouldn't just pour your money into the air. You need to invest in the best services to get the best values for your money. Join now Now, for every blog, backlinks are the backbones. They are very essential for improving your Alexa, domain authority, page authority, Moz rank and of course, SEO. Also, most bloggers need to make money from their blogs, but do not know how to. Sponsored posts and selling of links are a great method. A website like is there to break the hedge. Bloggers can now make more money while sleeping, and can also build their blog's authority easily. You can get a backlink on this website for as low as $0.15 and it's not spam. Why You Must Use LinksManagement 1. Good ranking: Whether you're looking for SEO traffic, good Alexa, good domain authority, page au

You can Make $2000 Monthly From music blog/website

lovers of entertainment, and music is a key part of the entertainment world. I'm an addicted music lover, and pretty sure I'm not alone in this. I get to hear most songs released by the top Nigerian artists, less than 24 hours after the are released either from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Nairaland, NaijaLoaded or any other top sites and always among the first to rate them. However, no one pays me to be a music lover. Is anyone else really paid? You may ask. Well, you can pay yourself to be one, and I'm not kidding. As I have always said, making money online has never been this easier. You can make money from almost anything you can do online, and music blogging isn't an exception. In this article, I'll show you how you can start making a living from the internet, right in the comfort of your home running a music blog. If you want to start turning in as much as $2,000 monthly from blogging even as a Nigerian, then you need to join our blogging

Profitable business you can start with fifty thousand naira in Nigeria

business in Nigeria can be expensive to execute. This is largely due to the fact that too many types of businesses require a lot of money to start up, and so, scare many people away from even trying to start, run, or grow a successful business of their own. But what if there were profitable businesses in Nigeria that you could start for 50,000 Naira or less This is a question many aspiring entrepreneurs ask but rarely get reasonable answers to. To answer that, we’ve listed 10 profitable business ideas in Nigeria that you can start with 50,000 Naira or less. Commodity Brokerage: Commodity brokerage is one of the most profitable businesses you could start for less than 50,000 Naira. It involves you finding a buyer for a particular commodity for a seller of the same commodity, and then brokering the transaction to earn a commission on every successful sale. For instance, if you broker a transaction worth 5 million Naira between a buyer and a seller for a 5% commission on

Beads making can be a profitable business in Nigeria

Beads making tutorials is geared towards the beginners to assist you know what it takes and all you will be needing to get started. If you have ever been to a Jewelry stores and see where those nice looking beads are displayed along with other beauty products in show glasses, you may likely be lead to wondering of which Western country  they have have been imported from. Get closer and ask of their prices and you would be taken further aback at how much each well crafted beads goes for, and again  if you are to be told that all those nice looking beads you have in there were actually made locally by ladies like you who saw the golden opportunity and grabbed it, you would be forced to think again. Beads making is a good business and that is why we are putting out this beads making tutorials to assist you every step of the way. A good number of ladies in Nigeria are currently making millions with beads business while others are busy looking for that clean guy with

Buying and selling jewelry business guild tip in Nigeria

buying and selling of gold and other precious metals is worth millions of dollars in Nigeria. They are usually sold in the form of Jewelry such as necklaces and rings not in their raw form. Gold is a particular favorite during weddings, it is given to brides as gifts by their families or even by the husband. The rich also patronize expensive Jewelry business very much. They account for most of the trade in gold and Jewelry business, the most prominent of the trading points being Kano state. To begin this trade one has to sharpen his sales skills, because excruciating bargaining is involved in order to yield maximum profit. It is usually bought at a lower/bulk price and sold to customers at a higher price, so the better you are at your sales pitch the more you will earn. The business model we are going to employ is the type that involves running the business in a shop, where customers come to buy from you or sell their gold or other precious stone jewelries to you, these may i

Tap into Diesel business in Nigeria is profitable

Why Diesel Supply Is A Good Business You know the quality of power supply we currently get in this country It is nothing to write home about! All the giant diesel generators that power most of our industries run on diesel. MTN alone is said to have over six thousand diesel generators that power all their base stations across the country and they run on average of 20 hours daily. If each of those generators consumed 50littres for the 20 hours daily, that will be a total of 50 x 6000 =equal 300,000 Litres of diesel daily! In a month, MTN generators alone would have consumed 300,000 x 30 =  9,000,000 Litres of Diesel . Now multiply the above figure by all the four Gsm Network operators in Nigeria, all the twenty something banks and their branches, all the factories, all the agencies and organization, all the media houses, and all the homes that runs almost 24 hours on generators Needless to tell you that billions of litres of Diesel are avoidably burnt ever

Easy steps to design Your website/blog with worldpress

Designing the look of a website can be as simple as choosing from premade templates and then making adjustments that suit your taste. This can include the addition of a logo, a change in color palette, or a specific font that you want visitors to associate with the site. Those are just some of the easy steps that can be taken to establish the online platform that connects you to the digital world. Getting started with WordPress, you must decide which option offers the services you need. This option is free, but has numerous limitations on its features. (self-hosted): The script in this option is free but requires you to have a domain name and web hosting. It offers complete control and customization. In this article, you’ll learn how easy it is to set up a WordPress self-hosted website for your home business. This CMS can be managed from almost any computer that is connected to the Internet. Knowledge of basic HTML coding is helpful but no

Making money with WordPress blog online

WordPress first came out, it used to be a simple blogging platform. It was also one of the first types of websites that people could install without having previous coding knowledge. Now, WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform. It can be used as a framework to build membership sites, e-commerce sites, content sites, and more. This is through the use of additional functionalities brought to you by “plug-ins” and themes. Plug-ins work for WordPress in a similar way that apps do for your smartphone, and themes create the look and feel of your site. WordPress is so useful that it now powers 30% of websites on the internet. Making Money with WordPress In order to make money blogging with WordPress, you need a basic business strategy. Making money with WordPress is not some kind of magic. It just takes a little discipline and some Google searches to gain knowledge of how it can be done. Although there are many ways to create a business using the WordPress pl

Making money from Google Adsense calculation

you have a website, a blog, or any other kind of presence on the internet, Google has money to give you. It's called Google AdSense, and it's a program that literally tries to make everyone a winner. Advertisers get new clients or sales through the Adwords program. Google gets money to serve those ads. And you get money when people click on them. Using internet search technology, Google will serve ads that are relevant to the specific content of that web page. For instance, if someone is on a web page that's covering the latest golf tournament, Google will serve ads for golf clubs or golfing attire. If you own that site, you get paid every time someone clicks on that ad. Not too shabby. This is usually called Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising. Major Benefits You may not even notice banner ads anymore. As an internet-savvy society, we have learned to filter them out. There is also banner filtering software available because banner ads can be very annoy