Daddy Freeze called all pastors a thief, he advise all young fellow to learn from 50cents how him create is own wearth

Daddy Freeze goes hard in this piece getting out Pastors who assemble tithes saying, 'In case you have to influence wealth, to screw tithes, pick up from 50cents. Those doltish, amaze, cretins countless call pastors did not see the bitcoin impact drawing closer, despite addressing about helping you get increase through tithing, yet basic 'carnal' rappers saw it.
These same doltish pastors advanced MMM mavro, a false Ponzi plot, RIGHT FROM THEIR SATANIC PULPITS.

Where is the spirituality feeling of being in these pastors? Generous yes in bending the Bible to get ready for conning their congregations through tithes"
Moreover, don't come here to ask "Daddy Freeze for what reason didn't you see it?" Did I promise you I'll empower you to make wealth"?

Only a big fool will assume that paying tithe to a pastor will bring increase A more prominent trap assumes that tithe Money is used to multiply the uplifting news of Christ.. HOW?  Exactly when all the equipment in the assemblage come in from China, their excursion objective is dubai, while they go to India for remedial treatment!

Ludicrous dingbats, do you know whether your tithe Money is used to develop Mosques in Dubai or Hindu and Buddhist asylums in India or China?

As showed by another report from TMZ, the rapper was the primary specialist to recognize Bitcoin as portion for his accumulation, Animal Ambition in 2014. At the time Bitcoin was supposedly regarded at $662/1 bitcoin corresponding. Fans could evidently purchase the gathering for a little measure of a whole Bitcoin, according to TMZ.

Following the entry of Animal Ambition, 50 as far as anyone knows gathered together 700 bitcoins, which is equivalent to more than $400,000, TMZ's sources say. It seems similarly as 50 sat on the computerized cash starting not very far in the past, which was one splendid move.
Bitcoin's regard has since changed to among $10000 and $12000, which infers at whatever point 50 exchanges those coins out, he will leave with wherever between $7 to $8.5 million dollars.


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