Saturday, 20 January 2018

How To Configure Airtel Internet on android smart phone


Stage 1: Create New APN: Hey before you proceed with this arrangement,

1. To make new APN, take after these means painstakingly, Go to settings >Wireless and Networks >( Mobile Networks. )

2. Select Mobile Networks took after by GSM/UTMS OPTIONS

3. Select Access Point Names at that point tap the MENU symbol to choose New ( APN ) at the base of the screen.

Stage 2:  Enter the the given details above


Name: Airtel Internet


Username: web

Secret key: web

Security: PAP or CHAP

Stage 3: Save the set up

Saves the set up before you leave by tapping the (MENU ) choice and choosing SAVE. at that point you would now be able to leave the set up screen.

Have you try it? It work can i get some comment?.

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