Secret of online making money in Nigeria

 only two secrets to making money online steadily. One is steady learning, two is hard work or taking actions. With just this two secrets applied correctly, you’d be making 6 figures online monthly.

Going in details, I have bared dowabout 50 solid ways to make money online in Nigeria. I gave this tutorial with prove and screenshots, putting away all types of ambiguity that newbies faces when they’re trying to make money online legitimately.

aTop the list is blogging, Freelancing, affiliate marketing, CPA and ads publishing. These five alone can make you stand on your own without indulging in sharp practices.

Blogging on it’s own can be started free with Blogger and maybe a cheap domain from Namesilo. Even shared hosting plans can be used for professional blog setups.

Freelancing can be started on Fiverr, UpWork, SEOClerks and/or freelancer(.)com. Talking about Fiverr: It is a platform that lets you sale your skills to willing buyers.

The first step to succeed with Fiverr is - to identify the skills you’re willing to work with. You can learn new ones to complement the ones you already have. Some of the best-selling Fiverr skills you can learn and add to your ranks is: –

Fiverr gigs seller

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Cartoon, White board videos, and Animations

Technical Writing

Digital Marketing

SEO, Online Advertising and SMM

Web Programming and CMS Installation

Web Design and CSS Customization

Proof-reading, Content Marketing and Translation services.

Since we are targeting a larger audience here, I’ll proceed with content writing, translation, and proof-reading niche. This is on the assumption that everyone that’s reading this – must have got a good background in English and as such should be able to write articles for clients and/or businesses.

With just writing skills alone, you can make a fortune from Fiverr. Keep your prices low for a start and then increase it as your profile grows.

Affiliate marketing, CPA, and Ads publishing can complement it. They’re mutually inclusive and would ensure that there are multiple streams of income for you as a Nigerian.


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