Thursday, 15 March 2018

Nigerian author who witnessed SARS brutality reveals how officers rounded up innocent

Tokunbo Akintola, a Nigerian author, has shared an aggravating episode he saw in Mushin, Lagos, a month ago.
The essayist said he was going through the abbatoir at Itire, Mushin, when he saw SARS officers haphazardly select young fellows and toss them into a Black Maria before they were taken to the police headquarters and blamed for executing a cops.

Tokunbo said he and other young fellows needed to search for a dim spot around a few slows down in the abbatoir to hang out till the strike was finished. He said in regards to 700 men were taken away to the Police central station in Ikeja where they were hammered with kill allegations and tossed into cell without nourishment or water.

The individuals who couldn't demonstrate their honesty have supposedly been taken to Potoki jail in Badagry where they stay till date.

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