Super star davido OBO a shocking story you heard about him is really true

Super star Davido (OBO) has encountered unforgiving feedback over the odd going of three of his group people.

Hear expert lost one of his group people, Tagbo Umeike on his birthday seven days back Tuesday the third of October 2017.

Around 4 days sometime later, two of his group people, Chime Amaechi and Olugbenga Abiodun were found dead in a BMW auto in Banana Island Lagos.

The mystery incorporating the passings of his 3 group people has obliged intellectuals to censure him for using them as human surrender.

The last two setbacks of badly designed going in Davido's camp were said to have disgorged blood, which raised another uncertainty of puzzling killings.

Each one of these enigmas happened a while after Davido was found wearing a coat with "every watching eye" a popular Illuminati picture in one of his accounts.

Days after the interesting passings, Davido won the specialist of the year concede while his tune 'IF' was picked as the tune of the year at 2017 Africa Muzik Awards and Music Festival that held in Dallas Texas.

Dismemberment is so far being coordinated on the terminated to choose the right explanation behind their not as much as perfect passings.


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