How to recognize counterfeit memory cards (SD Card) cuz

they are the one most devices merchants would recommended for you with sugarcoated mouths.

It's entertaining when you obtained a memory card of 160gigs and you in the end discovered only 500mb space in the wake of expending the rest of the space on the SD card. Is it accurate to say that you are at one time a casualty like Aynaijag CEO?

Having a noteworthy number of phones accessible with huge storage room, the need of a memory card may be decreased in any case, there is as yet an impressive measure you can use it for. Aside complimenting the space on your phone, you can regardless use it to trade and store data by embeddings them into card perusers and modems among others. Observing all these, you should in like manner not neglect that a significant proportion of the applications you have on your phone eats up space reliably so there still comes the need to use the SD card eventually in time.

Memory cards are a greatly charming headway. The ability to store broad records on such a little contraption is something that beats the imaginative vitality.

Be that as it may, taking a gander at all these advantages, take note of that utilizing a phony SD card can be as difficult as being in hellfire fire. Perhaps, I'm misrepresenting yet would you be able to envision encountering drawn out exchange of documents from your workstation to your memory card (which is in your telephone) because of moderate compose speed? Contingent upon the size, it might take extend periods of time.

Additionally, a considerable lot of the present fake microSD cards have significantly less genuine stockpiling than publicized. For instance, a card may have as meager as 8GB of real storage room, however the mark on it might read 64GB. The more awful part is that your gadget may likewise "consider" it to be a 64GB card – firmware hacks are a typical practice and enable this to happen. Truth be told, your gadget can and will attempt to compose information to the gigs that don't exist. This will either overwrite existing information or result in a mistake. In either case, your information may get defiled irreversibly.

So you see? It is essential for you to get a unique memory card. Be that as it may, how would you recognize counterfeit memory card and stay away from it? The arrangement is very straightforward. All it requires is an Android telephone, a little information to have the capacity to download a 2MB application and the eagerness to do it– the arrangement is called SD knowledge

● Launch the application and let it accumulate insights about your memory card.

● After that, the application will show data about your memory card. Data like Manufacturer, Model, Size and Manufactured Date.

● You can likewise tap on the Eye Icon at the upper right of the application to see other data about the memory card to know whether it phony or unique.


Indications of a phony memory card incorporates name appeared by the SD Insight application not comparing with the name on the application. Storage room appeared on the SD Insight doesn't relate with the one composed on the memory card.

From the data traversed the SD Insight application, you ought to have the capacity to decide whether your memory card is really unique or in the event that it is phony. In the event that you would likewise need to know the compose speed of your memory card or on the off chance that it is either class 4, 6 or 10 at that point pursuit and Download "A1 SD Bench".

Guarantee that you purchase your cards from confided in merchants/shops to make the most of its use.


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