How can I earn big money per month

There are lots of ways to earn  money from home but all of these ways take time to make money there is not any method which can make you a millionaire in one the night.

Starting a blog or website can be your best investment if you are passionate about it and can do some hard work on your website after some time it can be come the biggest source of your passive income.
If you can't understand how to do work on a website or how to do SEO of website so you can start a youtube channel and after getting 1k subscriber 4k hour watch time you can make a good amount of money by your youtube channel. even you can make more by sponsorship, affiliate Marketing.

It is the best method of passive income in my opinion. It is more effective if you have any blog or website or any social media account with tons of followers but you can do affiliate marketing without any following but it takes time to earn from it as above mention.


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