How to make Money with bitcoin in Nigeria

Before I star  Do you know what bitcoin mean?  It’s an internet money.  Bitcoin is money just like that N1000 note in your pocket.

I was shocked when someone called me as asked me… Which country uses bitcoin as official currency?

I told the person…  Nigeria.  Because you too can stay in Nigeria and make money with bitcoin.

To clear the doubt,  I took time and explain what bitcoin means is to him…  Bitcoin is a global currency used in all the countries.

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Bitcoin is not a physical cash like 100 Naira notes,  rather it’s an electronic money you can use to buy things online.

Yes you can use it to buy things outside the internet with the help of their mobile wallet. They now accept bitcoin on supermarkets here in Nigeria.

To make payments using bitcoin,  all you need to do is to open your bitcoin wallet and make payment using scan codes or direct wallet to wallet transfer. Using bitcoin to pay is as simple as breeze

How to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria
To make money with bitcoin you need have a bitcoin Wallet.

 how to create your bitcoin wallet with blockchain go or create account and buy HERE click create wallet enter your email and password  follow instructoin.

Once you have a bitcoin Wallet, the next thing is to fund your bitcoin account. You can fund your bitcoin account with Naira. Read more here on how to buy bitcoin with naira.

Once you have bitcoin in your wallet,  you’re now ready for business.  There are many ways to make money with bitcoin that’s there in your wallet.  Ill explain only two of them below.

1. Sell it to others and Make Profits: Bitcoin value rises Evey second.  So after few days you can decide to sell off your bitcoin and make profits from it.  I make at least 900k naira every month from buying and selling bitcoin.

2. Join Bitcoin Donation Networks: There are so many bitcoin donation networks.  Few of them are   MMM United etc.  On this networks, you donate a certain amount of bitcoin to others while you receive a higher amount from others.  Please read their terms and conditions before you signup.

That’s it on how to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria.


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