How to hide applications on Android phone

many apps in Google Play Store Which hides files and folders from your device but the main drawback of these 3rd Party apps is that they only hides files and folder till we have them install after uninstallation either those files and folder gets visible or gets deleted.

Today i am sharing this little tutorial through which you can hide any file or folder without any app just with your file manager.

Hide files and folder without any app


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Step 1 :- Firstly open File Manager on your Android Device.

Step 2 :- Now Browse to the file or folder that you want to hide, for example i wanted to hide folder “Videos” in my phone.

Step 3 :- Next, just rename that file or folder and add “.” (full stop without Quotes) in front of its name, so it will make something like “.Videos“.

Step 4 :- That’s it, now your Android device will not recognize that folder and will stop showing it in your device.

Step 5 :- Now if you want to make it visible then just remove . from the name and it will start showing up.


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